14 Strategies to Get Quality Backlinks

SEO Concept Design
SEO Concept Design

Quality backlinks are difficult to get, but with just only a few of high-quality backlinks, your website will get tremendous SEO effect.

No. 1, Provide quality content as a foundation

Content is still the king. Make a good quality content and people will link to you. As the concept of backlink, backlink is recommendation from another page to your site. So, make a good quality content to get backlinks.

Not only that…

Google can know if your content has a good quality or not.

They will judge it based on quantitative metrics such as visitor duration, bounce rate, the content scoring using AI, and so on.

So, make a content that people will love to read.

No. 2, “Ask” other website owners

But do not ask directly. Nobody will give you any links if you just ask.

Some webmaster I know do it like this.

  1. Make high-quality content.
  2. They will mention another website about its product/service/article. But remember, mention because of its quality, not because you want backlinks.
  3. Tell the website owner that you mention them. Do not ask for anything. Do it sincerely. You can do it by using the contact section of the site.
  4. They may link back to you, mention you in the next article, or mention you in a social media post.
  5. You can also discuss anything with them if they are open.

By doing this, it will also help you to get relationship with other webmaster.

Some notable points

  1. Make a high-quality content for this method.
  2. Make sure your website and the website you linked on par. It will increase the chance to get a return. Remember, they do not know you, why would they help you?
  3. Do not unlink if they do nothing for you. Remember, you do it as sincere action.

No. 3, Broken link building

Broken Link Building Illustration
Broken Link Building Illustration

It is similar with no. 2, ask other webmaster. But you do it by searching a relevant article for you that has broken link.

Broken link means a link to other website that already dead, such as 404, or maybe the article already removed, or any other reasons.

  1. Contact webmaster that one of their website is linked to 404 pages, or removed article. It will make their article looks not good because it is somehow looked as outdated.
  2. Tell them that you have content that similar with previous linked content.

Remember to do it sincerely. It may get better chance because you are helping them.

By the way these are tips for you:

  1. you don’t have to create new articles every time you found a broken link. You can make a high-quality article that covers a broad area of your topic.
  2. If your article is a long article, you can use the # (hash) method for your link. It will help the reader to link only to the most relevant info.

    Please look at the table of contents image below. Take this example https://blog.yourgadgetinfo.com/how-to-learn-affiliate-marketing-for-digital-products/#How_does_it_work. As you can see, if you click on that link, you will be scrolled to the right content. The rule is like this {URL}#{CSS ID}.

    As you can see {URL} is “https://blog.yourgadgetinfo.com/how-to-learn-affiliate-marketing-for-digital-products/’
    The {CSS ID} is “How_does_it_work”.

    Actually, you can put CSS Id yourself if you have basic HTML skill, but in case you don’t know, I use LuckyWP Table of Content. By using this plugin, it will create table of contents based on heading tag (h2, h3, and so on). You can then copy the relevant section of the article that suits with your broken link building.
Image of table of contents

No. 4, List article link building

You have already seen a lot of list article, such as “Best 10 blogs about digital marketing”, or maybe “9 Great Link Building Tools”.

The goal is to ask the webmaster to put down link to your article/blog on that article. Of course to do it, you have to have a high quality content (again).

Tell them why your article is a good additional resource for those article.

No. 5, Peek at competitors’ backlinks

If you have competitors more than 1, you can do it easily using Ahrefs or SEMRush.

There is feature in Ahrefs and SEMRush that analyze backlink to several websites that comes from same source.

Venn Diagram (Canva.com)

Imagine the yellow circle is backlinks to your competitor A, blue one is backlinks competitor B. The green one is backlinks to both of them.

The idea is, if there are backlinks to those sites, then you can get it too. Maybe those sites are social media, or forums, or blog networks.

You can use SEMRush Backlink Gap to do this. You can also read about how to use it in this article.

No. 6, Website directory

Beware, you must not put your site on spammy website directory. Some characteristic of spammy website directory are

  1. The topic is too diverse, they accept any of topic.
  2. Without the screening process.
  3. No visitor
  4. The website listed is low quality.

The characteristic of good directory

  1. Focused topic. People go to the directory because they want to find information.
  2. The screening process to ensure the quality of the listed sites.
  3. Visitors want to find information. Usually, the website directory will give brief information of the listed site.
  4. The website listed has good quality.

No. 7, Guest blogging

  1. Find good blog or website on par with your blog or slightly higher. You may also target very high quality blog if you are confident that they will accept you.
  2. By the way, Google don’t like paid guest blogpost, so be careful. I mean you must do it with highly relevant article that link to your site. For example, you must not link to pharmacy site from kids blog. It is not relevant. You know, pharmacy industry is strictly regulated because it is related to health.
  3. You can find on Google using this template keyword
    {keyword} guest post
    guest blogger {keyword}
    {keyword} guest blog
    guest posts {keyword}
    {keyword} write for us

    For example: “guest blog business opportunities”.
  4. After you get it, contact the blog owner via email or contact section.
  5. Some blog even not saying anything about guest blog. You can still contact them if you are eager to guest post on their site.

No. 8, Attract emotions with Quiz

You can make quizzes that will give a badge to the quiz taker. Such as “How skillful are you as digital marketer?”. Then you provide a badge. Quiz taker may put your badge on their site to show off that they are a good digital marketer.

You can also run contest or giveaway.

No.9, Get attention with Dynamic Content

Make a page that filled with useful tools, such as calculator for BMI, or keyword research tools. Then publish it. Let your colleagues know about it.

They may share your tools to other person by link it. By doing this, you can get backlinks.

You can also look at what SEMRush did with their tools. They let any visitor use SEMRush Backlink Gap and then visitors need to free sign up. Although it is because of their premium tools, the free registered users only get 10 requests.

No. 10, Use Content Sharing Platform

You know, there are many content sharing platform such as:

  1. SlideShare – presentation content
  2. YouTube & Vimeo – videos
  3. Medium – articles
  4. Reddit – social bookmarking

Usually, those content-sharing platforms are having nofollow for backlinks, but it is still a good backlink for your site. You may also get visitors from them. Your final goal of SEO is traffic, right.

By the way, NEVER SPAM. You can get banned, also it will make your site not good.

No. 11, Viral Content

Make a high-quality content that will go viral.

Some ideas are

  1. Infographic.
  2. Controversial content (be careful using this type of content, you must not agitate anyone).
  3. Quiz.
  4. Giveaway.

No. 12, Forum Marketing

  1. Find a relevant forum with high user.
  2. Make an account as professional as possible. Such as put your professional profile picture.
  3. Answer questions from people without mentioning your links. Answer it so your answer is the only answer the asker needed.
  4. Make a name for yourself.
  5. After you have a name, you can start put your links. But remember to stay relevant. Do not spam. Do not make your hard-worked account get banned.

No. 13, Brand Mention

After you have become popular, people may mention your name. If it is positive, you can ask the webmaster to link to your site.

You can use these tools

  1. Fresh Web Explorer
  2. Google Alerts
  3. TalkWalker Alerts
  4. Mention

No. 14, Use High-Quality SEO Service

High-Quality SEO Service will do those other 13 methods. Those are high-quality backlinks and they will do it for you.

Start from doing keyword research, making high quality content, do website outreach and many more.

Do not fall to cheap service. Cheap SEO Service do more harm than good to you.

Extra Notes

Pinging Backlinks

Actually pinging backlinks is not important. Some SEO experts say it is not needed because the search engine already sophisticated enough to index backlink.

Backlink Indexer or backlink pinger may perform 1 task or 2 tasks of these task.

  • Inform search engine about a page that has your backlink is created or updated, usually it called “ping”. It is then up to the search engine to re-crawl the page or not. Usually, a modern search engine now already has a schedule to crawl a web or a page. They will schedule important pages often and less important pages rarely. It means, this ping service maybe not really help you if your site is still less important.
  • Creates a backlink to the page that has your backlink, hoping that the search engine will follow the backlink and then know that the page that has your backlink is updated. The search engine will then update their backlink database and index your backlink. If the backlink to your backlink page comes from an “important” or highly crawled the web, then your backlink may be indexed faster. If the page that the backlink page is indexed, then maybe the backlink page is also indexed. Maybe it can also make a temporary backlink to the backlink page.

In case you are wondering which good ping services are.

http://pingomatic .com/
https://tools.pingdom .com/
https://pingler .com/
http://www.addurl .nu/suggest-listing.php?cid=0
https://www.twingly .com/ping
https://feedshark.brainbliss .com/
https://ping .in/

Avoid Mass Backlink Creator

Tools such as GSA, Magic Submitter, or any other “crappy” link creator should be avoided. Yes, their “short-term” effect may be good, but search engines such as Google already aware of these crappy links.

Google will not hesitate to give a penalty or even ban the website that uses this kind of method. So, avoid using this kind of method.

Moreover, that backlink quality is very bad. You can even become a spammer in the eyes of visitors. They may remember your domain and what you have done.

Using natural link building methods is much better. Yes, it is slow, but the effect is much better. It will also drive traffic naturally from that backlinks. Such as a blog post that has your backlinks, maybe the reader of that post will curious about the link and visit your blog.


  1. SEMRush Backlink Gap Tools.
  2. Ideas

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