3 Steps to Create Professional White Paper For Your Business

Creating a white paper or report is not easy task for everyone, but it will lead to a good results. You can stand out as an expert in your specific field or niche. So, let’s dive into the steps to create a good white paper for your business.

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Choose the topic you will write first. You are free to write anything about your domain, but does it needed by your potential customer? You need to write a whitepaper that will be read by your potential customer. 

Let’s ask these questions:

  • Is this topic problem for my prospective customers?
  • Do I know the solution to this problem? 
  • Do I have data to be presented as a graphic? People love numbers.
  • How do I relate this topic to my business?

OK, those are just simple questions to stem the ideas for your whitepaper topics. You can explore other questions, but let’s continue to next

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Create The Content

Creating content is a crucial task. This represents your business to the reader.

Here are some tips to create good content.

  1. Be professional and descriptive. The whitepaper is not a blog. You need to write it as descriptive as possible. Your reader may be in a serious mode when they read your report. Use a business writing style when you write the content. You may take courses in business writing style before you write.
  2. Create a great intro. Be activating. You need to catch people’s attention to your introduction. Gather their interest in your whitepaper. Tell them what they will get by reading your whitepaper. So, you need to describe your paper briefly and the list of topics.
  3. Point out the value you want to deliver. The white paper is not an advertisement, it is a chance to deliver your expertise and value that will help potential customers. By that, they may end up buying your product or services later. First, think about what value they will get by reading your paper. So, create useful information for your readers by giving tips and solution for the problem they had.
  4. Create an outline. By using an outline, you can organize the content of your paper. Make sure that the flow of your content is in line with the purpose of the whitepaper. Let’s say, you can start with the problem, describing the problem, and then pointing out the solution.
  5. Create the content first, then edit later. Write down your ideas to the outline you created. Write all, do not think thoroughly whether it is good or not. After you have finished your content. Read it again. Is it good content? I’m 100% sure you will need to edit it. Cut the content that not needed. Move any content that not correctly placed. Add further information if you need it.
  6. Proofreading. Read your paper again and again. Do edit numerous times until you are satisfied. Ask other people to read your paper, maybe your colleagues, or hire a freelancer in your field of expertise.
  7. Put clear Call-To-Action. If you have a product or service to offer, make sure you put it at the end of the whitepaper. Make it clear about what readers need to do. If you offer a free trial or free version of your service, make it clear that the free service can solve the problem. Put a correct CTA.
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Design Your Whitepaper

You may have expert skills in your field, but to create a professional whitepaper, you need a good design. To make it clear, you need a professional designer (if your company has them).

Working closely with designers is a must. You have to tell them what is this whitepaper is, what do you want to emphasize, which is the graphics that need to be paid attention. You may have to send it to the designer multiple times after you make feedbacks for them. 

Another alternative is using the eBook Creator with prebuild design. There are times that no eBook Creator that good enough to create a good whitepaper. Let’s say, Microsoft Word, it can be used to make a whitepaper, but it is “plain”. There is no professional design that already made and can be used directly.

That’s why a new eBook creator software recently caught my attention — its name is Designrr and it’s cloud-powered software that can be used to creates professional eBooks, reports, whitepapers, etc. 

Some features it has:

  • Creating a table of contents automatically, hassle-free.
  • Automatic headers and footers for all of your pages.
  • Automatic pagination number.
  • Drag and drop design, you can do the layout yourself.
  • Add or delete whole pages easily
  • Add images, graphics and charts
  • 300+ Fonts from Google
  • 50++ whitepaper templates (in 15 topics)
  • 10++ themes.
  • Turn your whitepaper to a flipping book.

The good part is, this eBook creator software is offered at $29 monthly usage. They now run a discount offer though, which I don’t when it is over.  I will be really grateful if you buy this software using this link (without any additional charge if you buy using the link).

By the way, it also has several additional things to buy but using the basic version. is already sufficient for creating a professional white paper.

Below is the examples of some of the premade white paper.

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