7++ Greatly Useful Tools For Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most successful digital marketing methods. It is understandable because today almost all internet user is watching video online. We can see YouTube is the biggest platform, based on this report.

There are many tools online to do video marketing, but which one you should use? Here are some ideas which tools you need based on your needs.

P.S: I put the (Recommended) for the software that will be useful for you, so make sure to check out.

YouTube is most visited video platform in the world, so you have to advertise there. Using Google Ads dashboard, you can advertise on YouTube. There are many options you can set in Google Ads for YouTube such as interest, age, income, gender. Check it here.

Ads Platform: Facebook Video Ads

Facebook is the largest social media in the world. Many people visit this site looking for any of their friends’ update, or just skimming through the internet. You can also set many options to optimize your video marketing campaigns. Check it here.

Video Ads Creation: VidBullet

This is an automated video creation software that enables you to make short videos for ads. It can also be used to grab visitors’ attention or increase brand awareness. They have many premade video ads template that can be used. Check it here.

Video Ads Creation: Invideo

InVideo is an online video maker that makes it easy for anyone to create and edit videos in minutes, even without prior video editing experience. Invideo can be used to make video ads or video for social media such as Instagram, Pinterest, etc. They have many premade video templates. Check it here.

3D Video Creation: Viddyoze

Viddyoze 3.0 is a cloud-based 3D animation creator. You can create 3D animation. It can be used for Intros, Segways, Outros, Call To Actions, Social Actions, and more. You can create anything 3D animation using the templates given. Check it here.

YouTube SEO Helper + Analytics: TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is one of the YouTube SEO and growth tool for video. Many channels have grown along with its analytic. This tool also provide help to do keyword research, content research, and description suggestion to get better performance in YouTube. Check it here.

Youtube SEO Helper: Video Marketing Blaster

Video Marketing Blaster is Windows-only software, to help you outrank the video on YouTube. VMB will help you do keyword research for tag and description. It will also help you to create SEOptimized description for the video. Based on value for money, it is by far the greatest YouTube SEO tool with only $27 for lifetime usage. Check it here.

Whiteboard + Doodle Animation: Doodleoze (Recommended)

Doodleoze is a video creation software for a whiteboard explainer video and also doodle animation. It is by far the worthiest whiteboard animation compared to Videoscribe, Doodly, etc. Check. it here.

Voice Synthesizer for video: Newscaster Vocalizer (Recommended)

If you need a voice for your video, you need this Text-To-Speech software. This tool use Deep Learning (AI) voice generator that make it sounds very natural. It is by far the worthiest. For only about $30 (using coupon ncv56off), this is good offer rather than Speechelo. Check it here.

Voice Synthesizer for Video: Speechelo

Speechelo is a cloud-based text-to-speech that use AI(deep learning) and offers several natural-like human voices.  Simply copy and paste your text, choose pre-created voices and then click generate, and voila your voice is synthesized. Check it here for a discount.

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