Build A Responsive Website Using HTML5 & CSS3

Building a responsive website using HTML5 & CSS3 may takes time if you don’t have any guide. So here I compiled some best resource as your guide.

YouTube: Build An HTML5 Website With A Responsive Layout

Requirements: Intermediate to Advanced HTML5/CSS3 skill

This video will guide you to make an HTML 5 website that is responsive. This 1-hour video has some steps that you need. Here is the description.

“…In this video, we will build a clean coded responsive mobile-friendly HTML5 website for a fictional web design company. …”

You may need some knowledge about HTML5 and CSS3 to follow this video.

The video creator is an Udemy course teacher, so you may also take a look at his 21-hours Udemy course. He also provides code download.

Easy Way: Use Templates From Envato

Requirements: Beginner HTML5/CSS3 skill

SPOT: HTML5 & CSS3 Template
SPOT: HTML5 & CSS3 Template

I am an Envato Elements subscriber and they have HTML5 + CSS3 templates that very easy to use, one of them is SPOT: HTML/CSS3 Landing Page Template. They also have a course which is free for Envato elements subscriber.

Fiverr Learn: Build A Responsive Website Using HTML5 & CSS3

Requirements: Beginner HTML5/CSS3 skill

“… Aimed at complete beginners with no experience, …. We will build four custom sites together using the world’s most popular free web design tool, Visual Studio Code. I’ll walk you through the basics of using JavaScript, jQuery, and Bootstrap 4 effectively. ….”

Fiverr Learn

This course Taught by By Daniel Walter Scott, an Adobe Certified Instructor with 15+ years of experience in design. Priced at $23 (Not too expensive), make this course worth trying.

Skillshare: Great Collection of Course At Subscription

Requirements: Beginner HTML5/CSS3 skill

Skillshare is one of the best course collection in the internet, with a 7-day free trial, make you easier to test out whether you suit their course or not.

By the way, the Fiverr Learn course by Daniel Scott also can be founded here at SkillShare. It enrolled more than 5500++ students, which means it is one of the best courses. If you think $99 a month for SkillShare subscription is expensive, you can just buy the Fiverr Learn Course.

Udemy Course: Many Option with Many Discounts

Requirements: Beginner HTML5/CSS3 skill

Udemy is one of the famous online course platform. Its vast amount of collection is the advantage of this site. The price maybe not too cheap, but Udemy often run promotion. When it is on promotion, you may buy a lot of course with only $7. You have to wait, though.


If you are a front-end engineer and you want to sharpen your skill only in HTML5/CSS3, you may choose the worthiest but cheap one which is Fiverr Learn course by Daniel Scott.

If you are a front-end engineer and you want to sharpen your skills in many fields, you should choose SkillShare. You can switch to the next subject after you are done with the first course.

If you want to make an HTML5/CSS landing page easily, you should choose SPOT: HTML/CSS3 Landing Page Template. Not only it is easy to modify, you can also get a good looking landing page for your business. You can also learn from the course served by Envato.

If you are tight on budget, then you should choose the YouTube lesson.

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