If you buy any products from the link we give, we may get commission without changing the price you pay. That is how affiliate marketing do. We will really thankful if you buy from the links we give.

So, we have principles when doing Affiliate Marketing.

  • NEVER SELLS DREAM, we respect our reader and we will never sells dream. It means we will not lure reader saying “Get $100k per year using this method”, “Get 1 millions of traffic using this trick”, and so on. It means a lot, because people who see it and they are lured will buy even though the product is not good.
  • HONEST REVIEW. The review we make will be from various source to ensure the objectiveness. If a product is not really good, we will say the cons. If the product is good, we will say it to you. If we find any tips and trick, we will share you.
  • HELP OTHERS. As we will get commission from the people who buy from us, we will also help them to get the most of the product they bought. We will do it by giving content (article, video, ebook, newsletter, etc) that will help them. We will also giving bonuses.