Doodly Review – Whiteboard Animation Creator

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4.3 of 5 stars 1 review
  • Design
  • Work As Mentioned
  • Templates Variation (Whiteboard elements)
  • Price
  • Rendering Performance
  • Customization


Doodly can help you to make whiteboard animation videos with ease. You can do it by using your computer using Mac or Windows. The software is easy to use and using drag and drop concept. The videos you make will be stored in the cloud, making it easier to open it anywhere.

  1. Design, you can use this software to create creative whiteboard animation for explainer or tutorial video.
  2. Work As Mentioned, yes if course. It is also easy to use.
  3. Templates Variation (Whiteboard elements), to get premium character you need to subscribe for extra add-on, though.
  4. Price, its full price is more expensive to some competitor, but you can get lifetime deal for only $67.
  5. Rendering Performance is fast but of course it depend on your computer performance.
  6. Templates customization, you can upload your own whiteboard element.
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  • Cloud-based, you can open your project anywhere.
  • Easy to use the software. You can expect easy migration between other whiteboard animation softwares such as Sparkol VideoScribe.
  • Drag and Drop. Easily put the image in the video yourself.
  • Custom Images. You can upload your image.
  • Big Library of SVG image.
  • HD output videos (1080p)
  • Inexpensive (if you buy the lifetime deal)
  • Custom Draw
  • Different hand styles and whiteboard style such as female hand, glassboard, blackboard, etc
  • Ability to do Voice Recording


  • Need Internet Connection, because this software store the file in the cloud
  • No free or trial period. You have to buy, even though, they offer 30-days money-back guarantee.
  • If you use lifetime deal, you need to subscribe extra add-on to get premium whiteboard animation item. Though, you can upload your character yourself from other sources.

Any free tier or free trial of Doodly?

Short answer, no. But they offer 30-days money-back guarantee.

Is it worth to use Doodly?

Yes, but you need to do some effort to make a good whiteboard animation video. You can hire someone in your neighborhood and ask her/him to make the videos for you, though.

How to use Doodly?

You can examine in the review section, there is a tutorial video.

Are there any Doodly Samples?

Yes, there is. You can read it in the review section, there are Viddyoze samples.
It covers many niches such as real estate, restaurant (food and beverages), general niches, etc.

Is there any lifetime deal?

I have bought it in the past, but it seems it expired. I will let you know when there is. Meanwhile, you can also check Doodleoze for similar software with a lifetime deal.

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