5 Easy Tips to Earn Money by Making an Ebook for Newbie

The internet provides many good opportunities to make money. One of them is to be able to make Ebooks to earn money. The ebook is not a new thing at this time (you can read about eBook History). Many ebooks that are sold at quite competitive prices. If you are interested, you can also make money by creating ebooks. Although you are not professional in writing, you can still create an interesting dan useful ebook for the readers. The following are the steps you can take to be able to create an ebook and make money from it.

Write down any ideas you have

Look for interesting book ideas

To be able to produce ebooks that are sought after by many people, you need to know what books are in demand by readers. You can do a lot of research online by looking at the most searched books by using Ubbersuggest or Google trends to find the right topic or you can look for at online shop or marketplace to find out what books are sought by most people. Also, the topic of the ebook must be able to provide benefits to the public and provide something new to the readers.


Describe the topic

The content in the ebook is important. For that, try to be able to explain the ideas that have been selected with clear reviews and are easy for readers to understand. Give a more detailed and interesting explanation using pictures and charts. Also add color to give the writing freshness. Including quotes from several public figures can be the right choice for an ebook.

Software to Make eBook
Use software

Use ebook writing software

Make writing on your ebook looks more attractive can be done by using ebook writing software. There are dfferent software can be used to produce ebooks that are more interesting and can be easily used. Some software that can be used are including Microsoft Word which is more familiar, iBooks Author, Google Docs, and many more.


Make a unique cover

The cover also can provide to be able to attract readers to find out more in the contents of the ebook, because the cover is the first time seen by the readers. Make a cover that reflects the topic of the ebook with a unique design. You can design your ebook cover by using software such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, and applications like Canva. If you find it difficult to design, Canva is the right choice. Besides being free, Canva also provides many templates with various types.

Earn Money by selling eBook

Set the price

The last thing that matters is setting the price of your ebook. Prices can be adjusted based on the type of ebook whether knowledge or fiction, the number of similar ebooks on the market, and the platform used to sell ebooks. You can sell ebooks on your personal website or use a platform like Amazon. Make sure the price you provide is appropriate for the results of your thoughts and hard work as outlined in the ebook. You can also see about the price from other eBook. You can get some tips about finding another successful eBook my other article about Reselling eBook

At the time I wrote this article, I am preparing to make an eBook about digital marketing. Stay tuned.

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