5 Easy Steps to Make Ebook Without Experience

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E-Book or Electronic Book (Read Wikipedia) is a practical form of books that can be read through various devices such as computers, smartphones, and document viewers. The ebook also provides an easy display for the reader by providing practical navigation. Most eBooks have a PDF display to make it easy to open on a variety of devices. For content, eBooks can contain various topics that are popular or needed by the community. If you are interested in creating an ebook the following are easy steps to be able to make ebook without experience that will be presented more briefly.

Select the appropriate topic to make Ebook 

The first thing to do is to find an appropriate topic. Choose a topic based on the audience you want to attract based on work, hobbies, age, gender, and other aspects that you want. To make it easier, do research that can be done online. Look for what is needed by the audience or books that are likely to have many interested people. In this case choose a topic that you can also master to make writing easier.

Describe each chapter more easily, concisely and attractively

Explain with words that are easy for readers to understand. Start by giving general explanations to specific things ranging from chapters, sub-chapters to related points and pictures to provide clear visualizations. Give keywords to be able to give a general description of the reading.

Give the ebook an attractive appearance

To make the ebook look more attractive, make edits using the ebook design software. This will make it easier for you to give a look that will make it easier for readers to know more clearly the contents of the ebook. Choose a bright ebook color and try not to overdo it. Add charts and graphs if needed to present more practical data. Also add pictures to give illustrations on real examples related to the topics discussed. For example, the topic discussed is about marketing, you can give an example by analyzing marketing strategies carried out by well-known businesses such as KFC, Coca Cola to Samsung. Make it with a separate column by using a different color to the color of the page.

Illustration of graphic or chart

Choose the format for saving the Ebook

Many formats that can be used to create ebooks ranging from PDF, EPUB, AZW, and ODF. Choose the format that suits you. Next choose the ebook cover design as the initial display on the ebook. Choose an attractive template design while providing the right picture for your ebook topic.

Promote Ebook

There are many ways you can do to be able to promote an ebook like promoting it on a blog. This method is quite good by giving a little description related to the ebook. Then another way is to hire advertising services and establish relationships with partnerships for better promotion and sales. The easiest, use social media. You can also sell your eBook on ClickBank (You can read article at Selling in ClickBank)

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