How can I get SEMrush trial for 60 days?

There is no 60-days trial of SEMRush anymore. The maximum days of trial I know are 30-days. It happens when I join an SEO conference in my town. The SEMRush sent a speaker to the conference, and it seems the conference organizer has a partnership with them. So, the participant gets a link to have a 30-days trial.

On their official website, SEMRush only offers a 7-days trial.

You may also see some offer of their partners that has 30-days trial. If you happen to see a conference or events that partnering with SEMRush, ask the committee, is there any offer of trial of SEMRush. You may get good deal.

SEMRush is really helpful for you to do research on SEM and SEO. Their keyword research tools is good. You can read more about keyword research at How To Do Keyword Research + 20++ FAQ

I happened to have a website that has some SEO issues. After weeks of an issue finding myself, I cannot find it. Then I use SEMRush, and the issue found.

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