How do I create a post with friendly SEO?

There are many sources outside talking about SEO friendly post. Most of them will be like these.

  1. Create unique and useful content.
  2. Use your target keyword in title, and in the content
  3. Have images that contains your target keyword in the “alt” attribute.
  4. Have long content (minimum 400 words)
  5. Have proper structure such as heading, etc.
  6. Use semantic keyword in the content.

There are many suggestions out there. By the way, SEO is not only on-page. You may consider doing off-page SEO too.

I use rank math as WordPress plugin to help me create good SEO content.

Doing SEO friendly post start with keyword research, you may consider reading How To Do Keyword Research + 20++ FAQ to have better keyword research.

Hope it helps. You may follow me for more about SEO from a programmer point of view.

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