How to Learn Affiliate Marketing? An Easy Start From 0

Learning affiliate marketing will bring you a sweet amount of money but you need to give effort. Other than that, it would be your passive income. You just need to stay at home, make the best marketing strategy ever from home, and let the money comes to your account. Sounds good? However, you need to know the basics of affiliate marketing to market the product. ClickBank is one of several things that offer hot products to promote. Before jumping to promoting things, you need to check these tips below.

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

Before you start, you need to know what you are dealing with. Affiliate marketing is a process where the affiliate gets commissions for selling or marketing products from another person or company. You can also read from Wikipedia.

As an affiliate, you can search for products as you prefer and promote them. Profits are part of what you will enjoy as being an affiliate according to how much you sell. It can be tracked through affiliate links.

How does it work?

Generally, affiliate marketing spreads product marketing responsibilities and creation through various parties. It depends on individuals to figure out the most effective strategy to promote the product. Also, the main goal is to share profits between parties. Three parties are required to do this process. They are such as sellers and creators, advertisers or affiliates, and consumers. Each party has a different responsibility.

How can we make money from affiliate marketing?

In this part, you might be wondering how you will get paid. It is complicated since there are a few schemes that will explain how you will make money through becoming an affiliate. Some measurements will be explained below. Affiliate marketing really depends on the competition analysis whether it is SEO or SEM. There are different tools for competitor analysis, backlinks, keywords etc. Using tools really help affiliate marketer to market a product.

Pay per sale

The most standard structure is pay per sale. You will get paid once consumers purchase items through your link. If consumers don’t purchase then you don’t get money.

Seller usually will pay some percentage of the sale. In ClickBank, seller will share about 10% – 75% of the sale as commission for the affiliate marketer. You can find good product that sales high so you will get better commission.

Pay per lead

This system will pay you based on the lead conversions. You need to persuade people to visit a specific website and make them perform a certain action. This could be filling a form, up for a trial product, downloading files, and so on.

This commission usually fixed. The lead usually has to sign up or put some info for this. The seller will then give you commission based on the lead. Some seller give different commission based on the origin country of the lead. It is understandable because they also target the country.

Pay per click

This scheme incentivizes you through how many clicks you got per day. Commonly, you will put your link on a website and visitors will click the in-content link. To do so, the website’s author must already build a solid audience in the first place. Higher web traffic means higher earning per click you will achieve.

In ClickBank, they also have metrics about EPC or earning per click. Actually it doesn’t tell you that you will get money whenever your affiliate link clicked. It actually tell you about total sales / all clicks. So, even if someone click your link but he/she do not buy it, you will not get any money.

OK, so that is some of the method to get money from affiliate marketing. We will talk again about affiliate marketing in other articles such as Creating Affiliate Marketing Ebook. Make sure to subscribe to our mail newsletter to get the latest info. We will frequently update the info. We also has member-only content, the free one and the paid content.

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