How to Resell eBooks? 5 Starting Steps to Become a Successful eBook Reseller

Selling eBooks can be a side job with a promising income. All you need to do is to understand anything you need to know to become a reseller. Other than that, reselling eBooks would bring you’re a sweet amount of passive income.

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How To “Bake” a good eBook

Knowing your audience

Just like any other business, reselling eBooks require you to do some research. It allows you to know your audience and market. Narrowing down the audience to a specific segment helps a lot to find a strong market. Doing this wrong could break your strategy especially if you want this to be your passive income. It is better to focus on, let’s say, mothers-to-be than selling anything you fancy.

Researching keywords

Your research doesn’t stop on the first step. You still need to do some research to find the most relatable keyword. It helps to find out how many people search your niche on the internet. Feel free to use some website tools. Some of them are available for free.

One of good tool is Keyword Researcher. You can watch it below.

You can buy here

eBook sources

Make sure you have found the place you will buy the eBooks. You cannot sell something that you don’t know where to purchase in the first place. This may require you to perform further research. Don’t worry because you will find plenty of quality eBook sources with inexpensive price tags. Before selling the eBooks, make sure each item has Resell Rights. You cannot sell eBooks that come with the Give Away Rights Only and Personal Use Only.

These PLR websites is good for you to find PLR products or books with master resell rights.

  • IDPLR (Free download of 2 gold product (paid product) + 200 free membership product)

Know where to sell

When it comes to selling, you will need those who will purchase your goods and where you will sell the goods. Fortunately, there are plenty of online platforms you can use to sell eBooks without giving too high commissions to the platform. Some portals like the WarriorRoom, Clickbank, and JVZoo could be in your consideration list. You can even sell your goods through your blog or website or Facebook (and other social media platforms). Just make sure you promote what you sell.

Keep supplying

Talking about a successful business, one of the most important things is continuity. To keep your business goes and grows, make sure you supply eBooks to buyers continuously. The money you get can be used for growing your collections. Besides, some types of books may get outdated after a certain period so you better choose your collections wisely. And this is anything you need to know when it comes to reselling eBooks.


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