How to set up Google Ads Conversion Tracking with ClickBank?

As you may know, setting up a tracking is really crucial to know whether our marketing campaign is successful or not. Here, we will find out how to track conversion in Clickbank from Google Ads.

Ordinary Tracking for Hoplink

As, you may know, there is tracking ID when you create a hoplink. Below is the image of hoplink generator.

So, to track it traditionally.

  1. Create a hoplink with tracking id.
  2. Set up a landing page with that hoplink.
  3. Set up ads to that landing page.

There are many disadvantages using this method.

  1. You need extra mechanism to modify the tracking id, such as tracking, and then it will modify the tracking id in hoplink generator.
  2. You cannot really know whether is truly traffic from Google Ads or from other sources.

Automatic Tracking using Google Ads Tracking Id

This is much advanced way. Using this you can also do retargeting because all the data is maintained by Google Ads.

1. go to Google Ads -> Measurement -> Conversions

2. Press +

3. Choose Website

4. Choose Purchase (Later you will do the same for Page View)

5. Fill the conversion name, then set value to 1.

6. Set the count to 1. So, 1 lead will counted as 1, even though the lead buy upsell. If you set to every, if the lead buy front-end product and then buy upsell once, it will be counted as 2. Whichever you choose, it is not a problem.

7. Leave the other as is

8. Choose Google Tag to get the only text we need.

9. Copy these 2 text.

The next step is we will place the code to the Clickbank. This is what the magic is. Even though you are not vendor (not selling anything youserlf), you can actually put Google Ads Pixel in the Clickbank.

10. Go to Clickbank and click on Vendor Settings

11. Go to My Site

12. Scroll down to find integrated sales reporting.

13. Choose Google AdWords (Google Ads former name)

14. Put the number you save from Google Ads. Google Adwords ID actually is the Conversion ID, while the Purchase Label is Conversion Label. If you do it for Page View too, you will have 2 conversion label and 1 conversion ID.

15. If you want to track Page View Label too, you need to set up tracking for Page View too.

16. The conversion Id will exactly the same.

17. Click Save

18. Press Play to start activating your tracking.

OK, so that’s it. If someone click on your Google Ads, and then he/she buy the product using your affiliate link, it will be counted as conversion.

Using this method you can then analyze your performance

  1. Which keywords are converting?
  2. Which ads are converting?
  3. Which landing page is converting?
  4. Other factors.

You can then modify your campaigns based on that.

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