Is Speechelo a good software?

Yes, it is good software, they work as expected.

They may not tell you about all of their limitations, but it is by far, good software to generate a voice for your video.

Some limitations that not well-known are:

  1. Even though the software is lifetime usage, you can generate voice file for 700 words but there is limitation for 1 month that you can only generate 500,000 characters each month.
  2. The pro version can generate 2800 words voice per file, but the limitation of 500,000 characters still exist.

My opinion is, they don’t want their system is abused by users who generate unlimited voice. Looking at the price for $47 ($37 if using promo), is by far still a good deal. They also use API from other big companies (my bet is Amazon Polly or Google WaveNet), so they need to pay the price of API call.

Let’s calculate it. Let’s assume you are using it for 2 years. $47 divided by 24 months is about $2. So, for 500,000 characters worth of voice file, you can get it for only $2. It is not a bad deal. They also need to pay their expenses. Moreover, they need to pay for marketing.

If you are wondering about the promo price mentioned above ($37), you may visit my post at Speechelo review.

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