Quora + Google Featured Snippets = 100% Good for SEO

Quora + Google Featured Snippets
Quora + Google Featured Snippets = 100% Good for SEO

So, this is my first post on Quora and SEO. I’ve actually been using Quora and SEO for quite some time as a source of traffic. The result is good.

Now, I want to share the tips that I use to get traffic using Quora. Previously, I will explain briefly about Quora and Google Featured Snippets.


A social media that brings together questioners (people who are looking for information) and answerers (people who have the knowledge). Each user can be a questioner or answerer.

Quora’s visitors majority comes from US, India, and United Kingdoms. Details can be found in the infographics below. It is from Ahrefs.

Quora Traffic Ahrefs
Traffic of Quora

The info above is only traffic from the website, and the traffic from the app is also quite large. So Quora is quite worthy of being considered as your marketing arsenal.

Google Featured Snippets

Google Featured Snippets is a feature from Google that will display snippets from a web page that can answer the searcher’s question. Here’s an example.

Quora + Google Featured Snippets

There I searched for the keyword and Quora was the first result. It was displayed in Featured Snippets..

So here are the facts.

  1. You can make an answer to those questions.
  2. Featured snippets are taken from top answers.

You can use Google Featured Snippets + Quora for your marketing needs.

How to do Quora + Google Featured Snippets?

So, here are the steps.

  1. Look for the keyword that places Quora as the first result in the Google SERP. It is better if the search volume of these keywords is also large.
  2. Make quality answers so that your answer will rank first on Quora questions. Remember this, QUALITY. Quora is a social media that highly values ​​knowledge, so make quality answers. Example I gave above, I answered based on my knowledge as a blogger since 2009.

Quite simple, right?

In fact, you don’t have to look for keywords which Quora appear as featured snippet. A search keywords that puts Quora on the first page is good enough. For example the following keyword.

Quora First Page
Search “neil patel net worth”

As you can see, the result for Quora is bigger than the others because the result of Quora includes several question results from their website. This will make searchers to unconsciously pay attention to Quora and eventually click on the result.

Quora + Google Featured Snippets Checklist

  1. Find a keyword which shows Quora as Featured Snippets or first page.
  2. Consider a bigger search volume.
  3. Make a quality answer.
    1. Research your answer.
    2. Answer the question, do not go astray.

Use SEMRush To do Keyword Research

SEMRush is one of the keyword research I use. You can use this to analyze the keyword that Quora is ranked. To do it, you can see the below image.

The image above is the dashboard of SEMRush. Here are the steps to do keyword research for Quora.com

  1. Type “Quora.com” in the textbox above.
  2. Choose “Organic Research” under Domain Analytics
  3. Fill the position filter to the top 10, you can also fill the filter if you need, like if your niche is about “PPC”, then just type “PPC” in the keyword.
  4. You will see the keyword that Quora is ranked for.

They also have Free course about keyword research here.

I am planning to make a service that will give you a list of keywords that having Quora as a first-page result based on your niche, so you can focus on making a quality answer. You can also outsource the answer making process so you can reap the benefits without making a hassle.

I think that is the method to get traffic from Quora and Google Featured Snippets. I am planning to make a series of Quora marketing methods for some next days. You can subscribe to our email newsletter to read it sooner.

Remember that I love to make Quora a good place, so I will always recommend you to make a quality answer that will help the asker to get a good answer. By then, Quora will become a better place so do you.

Feel free for discussion.

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