Speechelo Review: Affordable TTS for Affiliate Marketing – 4.2/5

I make post of Speechelo review because it is one of the best Text-To-Speech Software available for affiliate marketer like me. It helped people to make a voice-over to make video. People use it to make video explaining about many subjects. Before we dive deeper, let’s see first FAQ about TTS.

Speechelo Review for voice over

How to use it for affiliate marketing?

Many people have different reasons why they don’t want to use their voice in the video. Some of them shy, maybe the other think they don’t have a good English pronunciation. TTS can help affiliate marketer to voice-over the video content needed for presentation.

Speechelo Review

Speechelo: 37$ for lifetime (Use The Link) 37

Name: Speechelo

Description: Affordable TTS to produce AI-generated voice that sounds like real human. The voice sounds like human, not perfect though.

Offer price: $37

Currency: USD

Operating System: "Windows", "Mac", "Linux"

Application Category: Multimedia

Author: Stoica and Vlad

4.2 of 5 stars 1 review
  • Software Price
  • Voice Option
  • Generated Voice length
  • Easy-To-Use
  • Software Support


Speechelo is a a brand new AI text-to-speech software by Stoica and Vlad. It will produce any text into a Human-Sounding Voice-Over with only few clicks (around 3 – 5 clicks).

The original cost is $100, for limited time it will cost $47 for lifetime, and use coupon to get extra $10 discount. https://speechelo.com/official

The voice generated can then used to voice over video. The video can be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or host it yourself.

Using this software only requires 4 general steps to get working:
  • Copy and paste your script/text into the web.
  • Pick one of the 30 to 60 available pre-created voices (More than 30 if you choose to buy pro version).
  • Adjust the speed, tone and pitch of the voice to suit with your need.
  • Convert the new audio file and download it for your own use.


User Review
4 (1 vote)


Standard License

  • 30 human voice
  • 23 languages
  • $37 for lifetime
  • Cloud based, can be opened using any OS (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc)


Pro Version

  • Sell Voice-Over
  • 60 voice options
  • 2800 words per file
  • Combine voice files
  • 40 background music tracks


Tube Add On

  • Extract caption from YouTube Videos and then generate voice over directly.
  • Translate option for another language.


Standard Version

  • Only 700 words per voice generated. You can generate unlimited voice file though and combine it.
  • Cannot sell the voice generated as is. You can do it by using pro version though.

FAQ of Speechelo Review

What are some tips and tricks of Speechelo?

Use words for number instead of using number itself, e.g use two thousands and five hundred dollars instead of $2,500.
We will update more if we found any tips and tricks of Speechelo

Is there any upgrades of Speechelo?

There are several upgrade as one time offer (OTO) such as Pro Version upgrade, or Tube Add-on. The features are explained in pros section of the review.

Is there any free trial of Speechelo?

No, but Speechelo transaction is protected by ClickBank 14-days money-back guarantee. To be honest, the link given in this review for discount link is ClickBank affiliate link, and there are some people who request money-back. In my data, only about 1 out of 20 that request money-back. It means most of the buyer is satisfied.

Is there any ideas for using Speechelo to make money online?

There are several ideas such as making a video for your affiliate needs. Make a sales video and then use the voice generated by Speechelo. You can also sell voice-over if you buy the Pro Version.

Unfortunately, there is info that YouTube Monetization cannot accept video using Text-To-Speech. It is fall under the programmatically-created content. But rest assured, you can still monetize it using other means such as affiliate marketing. As long the video is great and drive traffic to your site, you can monetize it using other way. Moreover, to be honest, you can achieve more than Youtube Partner Program if you use affiliate marketing.

You can check our post about the video editing tools to combine the voice-over generated files with the video you made.

What are Speechelo Alternatives?

Yes, of course, it is NewsCaster Vocalizer. I am planning to make review about it and the comparison review about it. So, stay tuned by subscribing to us.

I have questions about Speechelo Review, but not listed here. How do I ask?

Of course you can ask the Speechelo support directly if it is technical and about how to use this TTS software. You can also discuss with me by commenting in this post.

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