Vidgeos Review – 5++ Techie Side of Interactive Video Creator
Vidgeos Review – Dashboard

When I browse the product for video marketing (Read another article about video marketing), I see Vidgeos, an interactive “video” creation tool, and player. You see it right, I put a double quote on the video word.

Why I said that? Because, actually, it is not really video. Vidgeos leverage the power of HTML5 and CSS3 to make a video player looks interactive. There is nothing wrong with that, but you have to use their player to keep your video interactive.

If you upload the video to YouTube, all of the interactivity features will be stripped off. Your video becomes a normal video that only can be played or paused.

You can use this tools to create an interactive video to

  • Capture lead. There are smart elements that let you collect text or email from the form.
  • Video with Call-To-Action such as buy no, subscribe or sign up. You can use this to let your viewer click on the CTA.
  • Create a sales page. Your sales page needs an interactive video. As you own your sales page, you can add this video player to it.

OK, so let’s see some pros and cons of this software. As a buyer, you will need to know what are the pros and cons of this software. Of course, It is also the purpose of this Vidgeos Review, to give you better consideration before you buy Vidgeos.

Vidgeos Pros

  1. Video created by Vidgeos can be interactive. You can make the opt-in form to generate a lead, call-to-action button, conditional text such as “Hi, {country of viewer}”, etc.
  2. Easy to use video creation tools. It is drag and drops video creation tools. It is possible because this software uses HTML5 and CSS3.
  3. Premade templates for you to create the interactive video. Several video templates are interactive and cool for your needs. You can of course modify the video yourself using the drag-and-drop video builder.

Vidgeos Cons

  1. You have to record yourself to get an MP4 file format (they stated it on their sales page though, so they didn’t cover it). They say they will create the feature to export in the platform.
    Ah, by the way, you need an MP4 file format if you want to upload the video you created to other social media.
  2. The interactive video can only be placed on a website that you have control of. To play the interactive video, you need to put the iframe (what is iframe) containing the video.

Is Vidgeos Worth it?

Before answering that, let’s take a look on their pricing.

  • The former monthly plan’s price is $27 (now there is no monthly plan). Seems they remove this plan.
  • The lifetime plan is $67 for 20 videos created. In this plan, you can only make 20 videos, and you need to edit the existing video if you already reached 20. So if you calculate the price of each video, it is about $3.5 per video. The price for a cup of coffee, not expensive.
  • Lifetime Promo for $67 (actually I don’t know when this promo is started or when will it over), you can create unlimited videos for a lifetime. Of course, compared to the previous plan, this is by far worthiest plan.

So, is it worth it?

For Lifetime Promo, yes, it is worth, bearing the fact that you can only place an interactive video on your site. You can add this video marketing tools as your arsenal.

So, that is my Vidgeos review from my point of view as website developer.

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