What Video Editing Software Do YouTubers Use? 5 Which Not Free

Video editing software has become an important part of YouTubers. You can create videos that you will present on your account. Once you are monetizing your Youtube channel, then you need to keep up with the content. You need to regularly post videos on your channel to get more viewers and subscribers. Here is some video editing software that is available online.

video editing software

Source: iMovie official site

iMovie – Video Editing Software For Mac User

iMovie is one of the popular video editing software that can be downloaded for free. This software allows you to create a stunning 4K-resolution video clip. This is quite decent for free software. It has an easy user interface and also comes with a powerful mobile version. It means that you can edit your video from your iPhone or Android. You will also find numerous video filters that will add a cinematic touch to the video that you are creating. The price is $69.99 or you can say $70, plus you have to buy Mac device which is somehow overpriced (In my opinion)


Source: Viddyoze official site

Viddyoze – 3D Animation Template Software

Viddyoze is a video animation creation and editing software. There are many 3D animation template that can be used for YouTubers. Some of them are very attractive, but some of them may need extra touch. You can use Viddyoze for creating an intro or outro, or a whole video using animation. It is actually very easy to use this compared to sophisticated but complex software such as Adobe Premier. The Viddyoze price also affordable, around $97 for a lifetime usage. But you have to subscribe to their membership if you want to get extra cool video templates. Although, the standard version already has several cool templates.

You can check this offer for cheaper price. In a nutshell, as I mentioned, it is good deal, but you need to subscribe to its membership to get really cool templates.


Source: youtu[.]be/kmZD_QbNKXE

Doodleoze – Whiteboard Animation Software

Doodleoze is not similar to the other software I mentioned. It is actually a doodle animation creation and editing software, you can also use it for whiteboard animation. Usually Youtuber use this for tutorial or informative video such as explainer video. It is another good software with lifetime usage that really useful for YouTubers. Doodle animation maybe already a lot, but it is not unsaturated because viewers are entertained by those kind of video. For better detail you can go directly to their site. The price is $29 a month, or $97 lifetime usage. Good deal actually, because you will get all the updates later.


If you are searching for a video editing software that can give elegant results, Filmora is the best choice. Even if you are a newbie on video editing, this is the right choice to help you create a cool video. This software is available for Mac and Windows. So, no matter which operating system that you use, you can install this software to start editing videos for your Youtube channel. This software is pretty easy to use for even a beginner. One time purchase is required for this software for €59.99 (around $80 if you convert it to USD).


Lightworks video editing software is suitable for any kind of needs. This can be used to create Youtube videos or even other social media. This is easy to use and you will be able to choose the editing options. This is suitable for you who focus on the tutorial video. It has a nice feature that you can easily edit the timeline and trimming. Besides Windows and Mac, this software is also suitable for Linux. Its lifetime license price is $437.99, maybe the most expensive software I mentioned here.

Those are the video editing software that will simply ease you to create videos. You can explore your creativity in editing the video for your content. When your channel is interesting, you will simply gain more subscribers on your Youtube channel.

Youtube has become very popular worldwide where people can share videos. People can have huge success in creating videos and create an account on Youtube. Thus, video editing software is very well-known for Youtubers. Video editing software helps Youtubers to create cool videos based on their preference.

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