When can I start earning on YouTube?

There are many ways to earn money from YouTube

  1. Using Youtube Partner, it means you have to get minimal 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watching time for your videos. After that, you can apply for the YouTube partner program and making money using advertisements.
  2. Selling products. Of course, you can start right away. Put your video to sell your own products. You can also sell other products a.k.a affiliate marketing.
  3. Paid endorsement. You can only use this kind of method if you already become a great influencer. Many brands may ask you to put their products on your videos, such as reviews or just using products. You may look at many videos drinking products or eating something then they put the package in a very noticeable place.

Out of the 3, I have already experienced the first and the second. I have YouTube channels, one of them using the YouTube partner program, the other selling product through affiliate marketing.

What you need to know is, you have to have solid viewers. You have to create useful content in order to achieve that.

You may also want to use video marketing tools to help you research keyword and content, then help you create a good description and keyword tags that will help YouTube SEO. You can read more about video marketing tools at Useful Tools For Video Marketing.

Using a tool may increase your cost, but it will help you to deliver great content to your viewer.

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